Cozy Doghouses and Rabbit Shelters

The Wooden Branch has been providing Amish country quality animal shelters to countless customers for more than 21 years.

Whether you've got dogs, rabbits, chickens, cattle, horses, or any other type of animal, you can depend on our pens, coops, kennels, houses, and other shelters to keep your animals safe and sound from predators and the elements for many years to come.

We're fully committed to ensuring you receive superior quality and friendly, personalized service with every experience you have with us. When you visit The Wooden Branch, we're happy to show you all of our display shelters so you have a better idea of the quality and style you can always expect to receive from us.

Our doghouses and rabbit shelters are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can even customize the color! Whether you're buying a modest doghouse or a run-in shed for larger animals, you'll always receive exceptional craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Once you've selected the perfect shelter for your unique needs, we can assemble it at our store or at your home. Our experts always get the job done right the very first time, with quick, efficient, hassle-free service!

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Discover a Wealth of Amazing Options

Rabbit Pens and Hutches
  • Single, double, or triple
  • Optional nest
  • Comes in 24” x 48”, 4’ x 8’ and 32” x 72”
Available paint colors include:
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Green
  • White
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • Maroon
  • Pink
  • Comes in 16” x 24” (small), 24” x 32” (medium), 32” x 40” (large) and 40” x 48” (extra large)
  • Includes pet door
  • Made from top-quality materials
Dog Kennels
  • 2-pen
  • 4-pen
  • EZ-Fit
  • Available in 4’ x 7’, 5’ x 8’ and 6’ x 10’ (EZ-Fit); 10’ x 8’ (2-pen) and 10’ x 16’ (4-pen)
Run-In Sheds
  • Portable
  • Available in 10’x20’ and 10’x26’
Standard Features
  • Oak Framing
  • 4’ oak kick board
  • Rough cut poplar siding
  • Your choice of shed or gable roof
  • Metal roof
  • 7’ opening
  • Divider wall with bars
  • Windows
  • Dutch doors
  • 18” x 3” drop open vent
  • Salt block box
  • Wood hay manger
  • Metal siding
  • Wood or metal gates
  • Corner grain feeder
  • Metal hay rack
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